Hi! My name is Tad Breeden and I am the owner of Austin Waterscapes. If you are interested in ponds or water features you’re in the right place! Whatever you want, I can design and build it for you! Allow me to share my background and vision for your next water feature.

About Austin Waterscapes

Austin Waterscapes would like to design and build the pond or water feature of your dreams. The options are only limited by your imagination and budget. A pondless waterfall gives you the sights and sounds of a waterfall and pond without the need to take care of fish. Or you may desire a smaller watergarden with no fish at all just plants and flowering water lillies. Or you may want to experience the amazing colors and beauty of Koi in a tranquil and relaxing backyard oasis?


Unlike some large well-known pond builders,  Austin Waterscapes is not concerned about the number of ponds built in a year or quickly building a pond in order to move on to the next customer. I want you to be as happy with your pond in year 10 as you were on day 10 and that takes communication, education and understanding. I am a pond owner as well and my goal is your happiness with your creation. I build one pond at a time so you will have my undivided attention and my promise to you is prompt and consistent communication.

About The Owner

My love for nature and all things aquatic began in Barton Creek in southwest Austin, one of our city’s greatest natural treasures. – Tad Breeden


I am a lifelong resident of Austin, graduate of the Univ. of Texas, husband and father of 5 daughters and I have a passion for all things water! Over the last 17 years I have learned many things about water features and Koi ponds. Like many other things, there have been some great additions to this industry that make keeping Koi or having a beautiful water feature more appealing than ever. I hope that you might allow to me to share that knowledge and experience on your next project!

How it works

First, I will come out and spend time talking with you about your ideas and thoughts about the project. Remember, this is going to be for YOU, so it’s very important to me that YOU are completely satisfied with the finished product. As YOUR pond builder, my only desire is to build the water feature of YOUR dreams, So, for example, I can build your pond out of concrete or PVC liner. I will provide YOU with the pros and cons of each and build my design off of YOUR decisions, I can then begin to come up with some designs from your ideas and will take the time to explain the different options available to build a water feature. Some “experts” want to come in, dig a hole, throw a rubber liner in it, fill it with rocks and water and throw a pump from a big box store in the bottom and collect their check. Whether you ever call me or not, please do not fall for this marketing or “pond in a box”. Unfortunately I am afraid I know how this is going to turn out and these folks are doing their clients and the water feature and pond industry a big disservice.


This is not an inexpensive decision and not one that should be made hastily. A properly designed water feature will provide your family a peaceful retreat providing tranquility and serenity after a long day. If done correctly, it can be maintained with a minimal amount of maintenance per week. That’s where Austin Waterscapes comes in! Your happiness and satisfaction are my first priority. This is more than a business for me, its a passion that I love and I would like to have the opportunity to also share that passion with you so that you and your family can have the same experiences we have had because of our pond! I invite you to make an appointment and come visit our display pond in NW Austin and see the possibilities and what we can do for you!


I look forward to sharing my passion about waterscapes with you! Whether it’s that small pondless waterfall or a large home for those championship Koi with a complicated life support system, Austin Waterscapes can make that dream a reality! Feel free to call me today at 512.567.4790 so that we can get started building that dream waterscape for your family!