We have a selection of plants to add beauty and function to your pond or waterscape. Plants provide several benefits to your pond, they work to filter toxins and excess nutrients out of your pond, they add oxygen to your pond and they add beauty and can soften the edges around your pond.


Please call or text me before you come visit to confirm that I have the plants you are interested in purchasing because we are small operation and do not want you to waste a trip.


We carry some perfect plants for the Central Texas region that have proven to be very hardy and beautiful. All of these plants love water and will make an attractive addition to your pond.

The Yellow Iris is a perennial plant that produces a very tall thin leaf spear with small yellow blossoms in most conditions. They are known for their water purification abilities. A very aggressive grower. It easily makes it thru our winters here in Central Texas – even the freezes! These will spread and should be kept in a container if possible.

I also usually have the Purple Iris also known as the Sapphire Beauty Dutch Iris which produces a beautiful purple blossoms accented with yellow. They usually grow up to 24″ tall in our climate and bloom in early summer.

The Canna Lillies or Canna Indica is a native of South America. They will also give your pond a very tropical look. Produces broad flat leaves that can be green, red, brown or any combination. They can easily grow to 5-6′ including the blooms. It will thrive in Central Texas and can produce many different colors of blooms from bright yellows to fire orange to deep reds. Normally need 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. These will need to be trimmed back in the winter but will come back in the Spring.

The Elephant Ears or Colocasia are in the Taro family. These beautiful plants provide a tropical look and thrive in our Texas heat when planted in a shady spot. Our plants will easily grow to 4-5′ in height and have HUGE “ears”! The heart-shaped leaves can grow 3′ in length and 2′ across. I usually have some of the “Black Magic” variety as well as the “Coal Miner” variety. They do freeze back during our winters but magically begin to appear early in the Spring every year. Warning-they will get big and will easily spread, so they are best put into containers.

The Umbrella plants or Cyperus Alternifolius are another great marginal that will do very well in Austin. It’s native to Madagascar and is very unique in appearance. Likes lots of water so it’s a perfect marginal plant for the edge of your pond! Another plant that easily grow to 5′ in height. They derive their nutrients directly from the water so soil is not required when planting. Another reason why they are a great water filter for the pond.

We also carry Anacharis or Elodea is a great oxygenator for your fish. Can be planted or allowed to float freely. It requires a moderate amount of sunlight but will do very well. Beautiful light to bright green leaves and looks great planted in bunches.